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A Master of Science in engineering is a form of Master of Science degree that is awarded by universities across the world. A Master of Science in engineering may involve the completion of a thesis and entitles the holder to apply for a Doctor of Philosophy in engineering programme. In countries where there is no distinction between M.Eng. and M.Sc.Eng., the Master of Science in engineering is considered equivalent to a diploma in engineering.

MS Engineering specializes in

This course has a variety of specializations to offer. Below we have listed the top 4 specializations in this course. 

MS Civil Engineering

This course revolves around things such as construction, building designs, geotechnics etc.

MS Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

This degree revolves around the areas of computer science. It is a degree which deals with researching new ideas in the world of computer science.

MS Electronics and Communications Engineering

This degree deals with Electronics and electrical study criteria.

MS in Software and Communications Engineering

This degree deals with all the problems related to software and communication programs.

Eligibility Criteria For MS Entrance

MS Engineering educational services

The student should have completed the bachelor’s course such as B. Tech, B.E.

The student should have acquired a minimum of 50 to 60% in their undergraduate program.

After which, the student should apply for entrance exams accepted by different colleges. Generally, GATE is the most widely accepted entrance exam in India for MS in engineering courses.

Job Opportunities

  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • Apple Financial Service
  • HSBC
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • TCS
  • PwC
  • Bain & Co


Basic Eligibility

Bachelor’s degree in, B.E., etc. with at least 50% scoring

Entrance Exam

Required with good scores

Course Duration

2-3 Years