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SES Education was the best education consultancy established in the year 2007 to help students through admissions
for higher education process. Since the inception, it is at the forefront of creating
groundbreaking educational and career options for students. Our extensive network with Universities across India helps us to deliver superlative services to our students. Our team at SES is committed to expertly align the aspirations of students to their
professional dreams. With manifold career choices in today’s ever changing technology age, it drives students into a predicament of career conundrum.  

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SES educational consulatancy



Walk through the maze of career selection process with the help of our trained consultants.

Engineering Admissions

We are providing B Tech admissions in top Engineering colleges, Avail your admission now to your dream college.

MBBS/Medical PG Admissions

We provide MBBS and Medical PG Admissions in Top colleges all over India.

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Scholarship Guidance

We offer financial or scholarship guidance for eligible students.

Admission Review & Submission

Get experts insights into different processes applicable to different colleges and universities.

Uttaranchal University

We are the South India Incharge for Uttaranchal University.

SES educational consulatancy

Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate Programs

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RK Overseas is the go-to platform for students aspiring for world-class education overseas. With India’s explosive economic growth, there’s growing need for companies to hire professionals locally with a global outlook. This market dynamic has propelled the need for students to seek education that is in tune with the ever-evolving workplace demand. RK Overseas strives to give students transparent access to foreign universities and educational institutions. With our growing list of partnership with universities across the world, we are well-placed to assist students to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. Every student who enters our premise with a wish to further their education is given special care by first understanding their strengths and limitations and then matching the profile to an institution that complements their career aspirations.

best educational consultancy