Veterinary Education

Veterinary admissions

With the rise in popularity of pets such as dogs and cats, the demand for veterinarians has also sky-rocketed. The poultry and animal sectors have also had unpredictably high growth, resulting in increased need for veterinary science in diverse livestock and poultry sectors.

Veterinary specializes in

Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Bachelor of Fisheries Science

Master of Veterinary Science


To be admitted to a bachelor’s degree programme, a student must have completed 10+2 with biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as pass the university’s entrance exam. For admission to first-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) and Animal Husbandry (AH) degree courses, the Veterinary Council of India holds  “India Common Entrance Examination” (AICEE). The duration of a bachelor’s degree programme, including the internship term, ranges from 4-5 years.


Students must hold a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science and pass the All India Entrance Examination administered by the Indian Council for Agricultural Research to be admitted to a postgraduate programme in veterinary science (ICAR). Those interested in pursuing a career in veterinary science can specialise in a variety of specialties, including surgery, gynaecology, and pathology. Animal biotechnology, livestock extension, dairy science, animal anatomy, animal genetics, animal husbandry, feed and fodder technology are among the specialisations available to veterinary science students.

Job Opportunities

  • In the realm of veterinary research, the demand for veterinary doctors has exploded in recent years. It’s possible for veterinarians to work at both private and government-run hospitals & farms.
  • Dairy research institutes are also in need of veterinary services.
  • In national parks, zoos, and wildlife refuges, the government employs veterinarians as public health inspectors.
  • Veterinarians might also pursue a career in research. Laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and drug manufacturing businesses, among others, are in need of someone with this specialisation.


Basic Eligibility for UG

10+2 science (PCB)

Basic Eligibility for PG

Must hold bachelor’s degree in veterinary

Entrance tests for UG

Required to pass AICEE

Entrance tests for PG

Required to pass all India entrance exams

Course duration for UG

4-5 years

Course duration for PG

2 years