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career counselling

Career Counselling

The process of choosing a career path is fraught with difficulties for students as many factors are to be considered, and every student is challenged to go through this decision-making process at some point in their career. SES has a team of trained consultants to walk you through the maze of career selection process. We consider multiple factors including future analysis of the job market trends to provide you with the most relevant, future looking and affordable courses with universities across India. We help freshers who are just coming out of school looking for graduate studies or students who wish to pursue post-graduate degree. With the extensive network we have weaved with colleges and universities across India, we have an array of options for students to pick and choose. Our consultants work closely with students to understand their desired course, college or university to assist with the daunting task of admission process.

Admission Review & Submission

While career counseling is about deciding on which course to pursue, admission guidance is helping the students through the admission process once the decision on course, college or university has been made. Admission process is plagued with systemic challenges across universities in India. Our consultants provide insights into the myriad of different processes applicable to different colleges and universities. We help with admission guidance for students graduate or post-graduate studies. Our consultants provide seamless application process to help students make the best decision for their future.

student financial

Student Financial Empowerment

We at SES understand the importance of money at the right time, right place. Many students suffer their plans to pursue further education due to limitations of funds. We assist eligible students to connect with financial institutions and provide advice on the term and conditions. The education loan variables include:

  • Tuition Fees including Refundable Deposit
  • Exam Fee
  • Laboratory Fee
  • Accommodation
  • Books and Expenses for Project works 
  • Equipment – Laptop or Project related etc.

Travel Assistance

Traveling or living away from home can take some adjusting. At IEF, the primary concern for students traveling away from home to acquire further studies is that they have a comfortable, happy, and smooth transition to their new life. In order to ensure this happens, we provide the candidates with assistance in terms of transportation. These services include:

– Pick Up & Drop Off services Accommodation – Legal Guardianship – Travel Assistance in the Country

travel assistance

Scholarship Guidance

We offer financial or scholarship guidance for eligible students. We understand that international education abroad can be costly and unaffordable for some qualified students. Scholarships are meant to ease the burden for students aspiring to study abroad, so they can focus on their education instead of getting bogged down by financial worries. 

Criteria for merit-based scholarships is based on skills, talents and academic achievements.

There are primarily two differentiated scholarship types

Merit-based Scholarship

Students with academic distinction receive financial support through merit-based scholarship system enabling educational assistance through the period of study. Scholarship is assessed based on the academic achievements and any extraordinary achievements. 

Need-based Scholarship

Scholarship is assessed based on the financial status of the student including household income and financial necessity. Students can avail this scholarship after a thorough assessment with respective not-for-profit institutions.